Pre-Pesach Seminar -

In anticipation of Pesach, students spent the last week of z'man focusing on varied aspects of the chag. Students delved into the intricacies of the halachot of chametz and matza, and were enriched by new insights into the mitzvoth of the seder. Rav Berg did a demonstration of kashering a kitchen for Pesach, and we asked the question as to why we use the text of the Haggadah instead of simply reading through the story of leaving Egypt as related in the Torah. We traveled as a group to Beit Shemesh, where we kneaded, rolled and baked our very own shemura matzot which we will eat on seder night. While in Beit Shemesh, we went on a short tiyul in the footsteps of Shimshon in the area and visited "Dialogue in Darkness", a fascinating exhibit where, for one hour, we all experienced a taste of the darkness of Egypt and what it is like to be blind. The exhibit was particularly thought-provoking and "opened our eyes" to the challenges of the visually handicapped around us while giving us a new perspective on ourselves as well. The seminar finished off with a critic's eye view and analysis of the animated film, "Prince of Egypt", comparing the movie to the Tanach and the Midrashim.

We thank the Marks family for their continued dedication of this yearly seminar in the memory of R' Shimon ben Avraham Marks.