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A Day of Limmud Torah

Every day, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, over one hundred young women participate in our intensive program of Limmud Torah in Eretz Yisrael.  Converging from Australia, South Africa, Israel, Canada, the United States, and Europe, our students immerse themselves over ten hours a day in the understanding of traditional texts, debating philosophical issues, while enveloping themselves in the world of our ancient traditions.

The Shiur Klali

Each Monday, Rav David Milston, Rosh Midrasha of the Overseas Program at Midreshet HaRova, gives over the Shiur Klali on themes in Parshat HaShavua or the Moadim to the entire student body of the Midrasha.  The Shiur Klali is recorded for both audio and video online access by all alumni and friends.

The Email Shiur

Once a week, a shiur on themes from Parshat HaShavua to the Moadim, is written by one of the teaching staff at the Midrasha and sent by email to all students, bogrot, families, and friends of the Midrasha on the Midrasha emailing list.

Dedicating Limmud Torah

Students, bogrot, families and friends of the Midrasha are invited to participate as active partners in this limmud, honoring loved ones or special events, remembering family or friends.  Limmud dedications are recognized with posters in both the lobby and beit midrash of the Midrasha, are posted on the website, and listed in the email shiur of the week of the dedication.  Donors wishing to remain anonymous should send an email to at the time of dedication. 

When possible, best to submit dedications at least one week prior to the date intended.

For more information, please contact Leiba Smith at

Amount Dedication opportunity

$5,000 USD

sponsors one week of limmud

$1,000 USD

sponsors all limmud at the Midrasha on a specified day

$350 USD

sponsors a morning, afternoon, or evening of limmud

$250 USD

sponsors one Shiur Klali

$125 USD

sponsors one Email Shiur

Proceed to Dedicate Torah Limmud | Monthly Giving

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