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Hafrashat Challah for Shira

Hafrashat Challa for the speedy recovery of
Shira and Amichai
and in memory of
Amiad Yisrael ben Shira Yael v'Amichai
In a time of darkness we bring light. That is the purpose of Chanuka - as we lit those candles we sang words of praise to HaShem for keeping us alive and strong throughout the continuous rise and fall of our enemies. So we chose to bring light again into the darkness - to celebrate the miracles that happened to our dear madricha, Shira, and her husband, Amichai, who were wounded in the Ofra terror attack, and sing G-Ds praise and be thankful.

We women have the special mitzva of hafrashat challah, of taking challah from our dough, a mitzva with so much power. We came together, both in the Midrasha with bogrot, past madrichot and current students, and in chutz l'aretz, as bogrot, to do our mitzva as a means of bringing light and healing.
May HaShem remember our efforts and hear our tefilot and bless our Shira Yael bat Liora Sarah and Amichai Yishai ben Feiga Gittel Glila with a speedy and full recovery, strength and protection. May their son, Amiad Yisrael, have an aliyat neshama in the merit of everyone's efforts to remember him. And mostly, may we come together again soon for smachot.


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